D & L Pressure Washing specializes in Roof Cleaning in Baldwin and Gainesville, GA, and surrounding areas. So before you decide to replace your roof because of the cosmetics of it, give us a call for your free estimate of our high-quality roof cleaning services!

When it comes to Roof cleaning, using low pressure is a must. You cannot use a pressure washer or any high pressure when cleaning a roof. Having this done using high pressure can void your roofing warranty you may have.

What Is Growing On My Roof?!

dirty black roof baldwin ga

There are many things that can grow on your roof. The main cause of those dirty ugly streaked shingle roofs is basically an algae. It’s thriving on the granuals, fillers and limestone on the shingles.

When this happens, the roof becomes layered with a thick layer of black streaks. Then Lichen and Moss start to grow. This is when the issues become more serious when the roots of the Lichen and Moss start to bond and embed into the Shingles.

With our safe low pressure roof cleaning process, we can instantly restore those dirty areas to look new again like the rest of the roof.

Not only does this process bring back your curb appeal, it adds value to your home and extends your roofs lifespan.

IF your home is covered with black streaks and you can’t see the color your roof use to be, this process will not only instantly clean the algae streaks, it’ll help reduce your ulitity bill! Yes, I said it, having your roof cleaned when it’s bad like this can help reduce your cooling and heating costs.

When this layer is completely covering your shingles, your shingles are not doing what they are designed to do, bounce the UV rays off the roof. Instead, it’s trapping this heat in your attic causing your HVAC to work overtime to keep your home cool.

So before you go spending $20,000-$60,000 on a roof replacement, give us a call today for your free quote!

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