Here at D & L Pressure Washing in Baldwin, GA, we don’t blast away at your home with a pressure washers extreme high pressure. This is a NO NO. I know, it’s hard to believe a pressure washing company is telling you this…

Believe it or not, this method is not ideal for cleaning your homes exterior surfaces. Most of these surfaces are delicate and need to be gently cleaned using detergents and special equipment other than 4,000 psi and water.

This is where D & L Pressure Washing in Baldwin, Ga comes into play. We have spent years developing our cleaning techniques along with special mixtures to properly clean each and every surface we need to clean, the RIGHT WAY!

Our process is called Softwashing.  This is the most effective and safest method to clean your homes exterior surfaces. We use special nozzles to bring the pressure down to a gentle rinse that will not cause any damages to your windows, doors, screens, siding, etc.

Not only is this process safe, it’s very effective! With our softwash method, we are able to keep the properties we clean, cleaner longer than cleaning by the traditional/outdated pressure washing method.  How? Because we gently applied a detergent blend to release the bond of contaminates from your home by properly releasing the roots and bonding on the surfaces before we rinse.

This process allows us to use a water hose type pressure to apply the solution, allow dwell time and use a garden hose type pressure to rinse away the loose contaminates.

So before you try and DIY or call a “handyman”, call the pros here at D & L Pressure Washing of Baldwin, GA!